Childhood cancer awareness month

Childhood cancer awareness month

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Yesterday, health professionals from the Clinic for Children’s Diseases, University Clinical Center Tuzla together with members of “Heart for Children” Society hosted a press conference with aim to raise awareness to the burden of childhood cancer.

On that occasion it was said that Bosnia and Herzegovina faces large increase in number of children diagnosed with cancer, and only the University Clinical Center Tuzla annually identifies between 15 and 20 newly- diagnosed cases.

At a press conference head of Department for Oncology and Hematology Dr Amila Latifagić said that the incidence of childhood cancer in general population is 1%, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina statistic data show 20 in 150.000 children aged 0-15 years. The most common types of childhood cancers include acute leukemias, tumors of the central nervous system, and lymphomas. Also, there are some solid tumors, neuroblastoma and nephroblastoma that occure in children but never develop on adults. Unfortunately, children are also affected by cancer of the liver, bone, skin, germ cells and gonads.

In speaking to the press the parents of children suffering from cancer and members of “Heart for Children” Society highlighted the importance of the Solidarity Fond of the FBiH for children who are in need for medical treatment abroad, and the importance of finishing project “House for parents” nearby to the Clinic for Children’s Diseases.

Head of the Clinic for Children’s Diseases Ass. Prof. Lejla Osmančević said during the press conference that the increased incidence in childhood cancer impose a need for expanding of human resources, respectively the number of doctors working in the Department. She also commended all health workers from this Department for their dedicated efforts in the prevention during challenges posed by COVID- 19 to children with cancer as the most vulnerable group.