COVID- 19 vaccination has started in Clinical Center Tuzla

COVID- 19 vaccination has started in Clinical Center Tuzla

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Vaccination with the first doses of AstraZeneca COVID- 19 vaccine has started today at the University Clinical Center Tuzla. The first vaccine was administered to Dr. Jasmina Bošnjić from the COVID Department of the Clinic for Pulmonary Diseases.

” I have been working with the Covid-19 positive patients since the outbreak of pandemic, and this day for me, for other employees of the University Clinical Center Tuzla, as well as for all citizens is very important seeing that the pandemic is escalating and that the epidemiological situation is worrying. The only way to fight this pandemic is to remain serious, responsible and to take care of each other” said dr. Bošnjić and added that during vaccination she felt great, without side effects of any kind.

Prof.Dr. Vahid Jusufović, director of Clinical Center Tuzla said that vaccination wil perform experienced and competent healthcare practitioners and registered vaccinators, and each vaccinated person will receive a COVID vaccine certificate. ” Following the procedure and prior to vaccination, we will record candidates who gave written consent and take the anamnesis. The vaccinated person will be monitored 15 minutes to half an hour. Health professionals who have been working in red COVID zone have an advantage in vaccination distribution plans considering that they are frontline workers.

The Tuzla Canton Health Minister Dr. Božo Jurić with his presence supported vaccination process, and on the occasion he express his satisfaction that a COVID-19 vaccination has started in the Tuzla Canton. He also said that vaccination will take place simultaneously in the University Clinical Center Tuzla and other health care institutions on the territory of the Tuzla Canton.

The process of vaccination in the University Clinical Center Tuzla took place under the supervision and monitoring of Prof. Dr. Ervin Alibegović, head of the Sector for scientific research and education.