The implementation of energy efficiency project in Clinical Center Tuzla

The implementation of energy efficiency project in Clinical Center Tuzla

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Today, the representatives of the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning, the consulting company Enova d.o.o., and the contractor Promark d.o.o. Mostar were in a working visit to the University Clinical Center Tuzla. Our guests received medical director of the University Clnical Center Tuzla Ass. Prof. Bahrudin Hadžiefendić with associates.

The main theme of the meeting was the implementation of the energy efficiency measures for period 2020- 2024. Over the previous period the University Clinical Center Tuzla applied for the Project of Energy Efficiency in BiH, and two our buildings Clinic for Pulmonary diseases and Polyclinic for laboratory diagnostics, as a facilities of importance for the Federation of BiH, are included in Energy Efficiency Action Plan in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020- 2024.

During the meeting medical director Ass. Prof.Hadžiefendić explained that these two facilities are of a great importance during the coronavirus epidemiological crisis for COVID- 19 associated hospitalizations and laboratory testing. Added to general financial savings, the benefit is seen in the increase of comfort for health professionals and patients, but also in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The dynamics of planned works and activities were presented in the course of a meeting. The project foreseen measures to improve thermal properties of the outer wall shells with an additional layer of thermal insulation facade of 10 cm thickness, improvement of thermal properties of the ceilings in both buildings by insulating ceiling with a 15 cm thick layer of mineral wool, replacing existing and installing a new heating system. Moreover, the project included improvement of the lighting system by installing a new LED light fixtures in objects, and the introduction of building energy management system.

The contracted value of the works is 650.000 KM. The beginning of works is planned for the month of September, while the deadline for the completion of works is expected in 120 working days.