Press conference “What have we learned about COVID-19 pandemic consequences”

Press conference “What have we learned about COVID-19 pandemic consequences”

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The International Academy of Science and Arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the University Clinical Center Tuzla, the Society of Psychiatrists and Medical Chamber of the Tuzla Canton are organizers of an international symposium that will feature the theme “What have we learned about COVID-19 pandemic consequences”. The symposium will take place in the Hotel Salis, Tuzla, on 22 and 23 October 2021.

On that occasion director of the University Clinical Center Tuzla Ass. Prof. Alen Kamerić, director of Sector for scientific research and education academician Prof. Dr. Šefik Hasukić together with members of symposium’s organizing committee academician Prof.Dr. Osman Sinanović, Prof.Dr. Izet Pajević, and Prof. Dr. Mevludin Hasanović hosted a press conference.

As announced on the press conference, the symposium will be an opportunity for the number of experts in this medical field to discuss the facts about COVID- 19, and to raise new questions about the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of this disease. In speaking to the press Ass. Prof. Alen Kamerić said that since the COVID- 19 outbreak up today, health professionals from the University Clinical Center Tuzla have put a lot of effort into preserving a sustainable health system, and they successfully managed to do that.

” Our employees have given their maximum contribution to the prevention of disease and treatment of inpatients. Sadly, the pandemic has taken the lives of eight our doctors and nurses/technicians and the loss is immeasurable for us. I expect that the symposium ahead of us will be an opportunity to exchange previous experiences as well as new scientific and clinical knowledge that we came to during the COVID-19 pandemic fight.” said Ass. Prof. Kamerić.

“The scientific program of the symposium will cover respiratory, cardiology, nephrology, gastrointenstinal and psychiatric manifestations and consequences resulting from the COVID- 19 infection. 22 participating lecturers will also discuss clinical management of the COVID- 19 in pregnancies and children, as well as the impact of pandemic to religion.” said Prof. Dr. Osman Sinanović.

Over 200 participants are expected to arrive to the two-day symposium in Tuzla. The esteemed invited lecturers are from London, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar, Bjeljina and Tuzla.