The University Clinical Center Tuzla- the first accredited health care facility in the Federation BiH

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During the solemn ceremony that was held yesterday in the Hotel Mellain in Tuzla, the University Clinical Center Tuzla received accreditation for successful implementation of the quality system in a healthcare facility. The University Clinical Center Tuzla is the first hospital in the Federation B&H that entered this demanding process and completely fulfilled the highest AKAZ quality requirements.
The process of external evaluation and accreditation process has performed the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Accreditation in the FB&H (AKAZ).

Ass. Prof. Ahmed Novo, director of the AKAZ on the occasion said that their Agency has already accredited several health care facilities, but the University Clinical Center Tuzla is the first and the biggest accredited clinical care center that AKAZ has had in these assessment processes for accreditation. “We have appraised that the University Clinical Center Tuzla offers quality and safety health care services that are in line with the best clinical practices across the world.” said Ass. Prof. Novo.

Following the principle of quality improvement in healthcare, the University Clinical Center Tuzla, in 2003, had entered the process of standardization, primarily standardization of work processes. All these activities were carried out by a specially formed organizational unit, whose task was to standardize, establish, maintain as well as to improve the system of quality and safety in cooperation with all other hospital’s organizational units. These activities led to fulfillment of regulatory accreditation requirements set by Accreditation Standards for Hospitals and the Transplantation Medicine Certification Standards, that is, an external review process and an unconditional accreditation and certification.

Director of the University Clinical Center Tuzla Prof. Dr. Nešad Hotić thanked all the employees for an ongoing commitment that led to positive results. ” The task of our employees was not to compare to everyone else but to be better, more dedicated and diligent than others. We wanted to do much better than that we had done in the past, and that’s why we came to this.” he said during the ceremony.

The Minister of Health of the Tuzla Canton Dr. Bahrudin Hadžiefendić in his speech said that the act of awarding Clinical Center Tuzla with accreditation is an indicator which shows that this healthcare facility is on the right path and an example that it should be followed prior to implementation of strategies to improve service quality and patient safety. “The certificate is a recognition of the achieved results, but also a guarantee of quality and the competence that Clinical Center Tuzla offers to its users.” said Minister Hadžiefendić.

The president of a Board of Directors, Ass. Prof. Munevera Bećarević was presented with a certificate of appreciation for her wholehearted support throughout the accreditation process.

The certificate of appreciation was also presented to Mrs. Maida Nuhić, the head of the Sector for Quality Improvement , University Clinical Center Tuzla, who is the team leader of this organizational unit since its establishing.

A special posthumous certificate of appreciation was presented to Ass. Prof. Nedret Mujkanović, a late director of the University Clinical Center Tuzla, who supported the activities on the establishment of the Sector for Quality Improvement even before the Federal Agency for Quality and Accreditation in Health System imposed the Law on the safety and quality in the health care system.