Ultra Sound School of Abdomen has ended

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The Clinic of Internal Medicine, University Clinical Center Tuzla and the Tuzla Canton Medical Chamber were hosts of the Ultra Sound School of Abdomen that was held in the period 19 November to 14 December 2018.

The Ultra Sound School of Abdomen is aimed for medical doctors of different specialties. The lecturers of this school were eminent experts in the field of abdominal ultrasonography. The leader of the school is Prof. Dr. Denijal Tulumović, a specialist in internal medicine, subspecialist in nephrology, and head of the Clinic for Internal Medicine.

According to Prof. Dr. Denijal Tulumović’s words, the main goal of this medical education was to build a more modernized medical imaging, as well as assuring and maintaining quality in health professionals education.” The concept of modern education is to provide participants with a theoretical foundation needed for practical application of abdominal ultrasound and interpretation of ultrasound images in routine clinical work. The process of education was gradual and systematic, adjusted to the level of knowledge in participants.” he said.

Prof. Tulumović also added that the participants were divided into two groups of 5 participants, who were trained under the professional supervision on two ultrasound machines. At the end of the school, the participants had to pass a final exam made up of theoretical and practical part.
Upon successful completion of Ultra Sound School of Abdomen, ten participants received a “Certificate of Completion”.