Press conference- Project of reconstruction Clinic for Children’s Diseases

Press conference- Project of reconstruction Clinic for Children’s Diseases

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A press conference to summarize the results of the project reconstruction and adaptation of Clinic for Children’s Diseases took place on 28 December, 2018. Also, it was talked about the project “For a prettier smile of children ” that the University Clinical Center Tuzla realized in cooperation with the Foundation Junuzović and Radio Kameleon.

Dr. Bahrudin Hadžiefendić, Minister of Health of the Tuzla Canton Government, Prof. Dr. Nešad Hotić, director of Clinical Center Tuzla, Prof. Dr. Fahrija Skokić, medical director of Clinical Center Tuzla, Ass. Prof. Edin Husarić, head of the Clinic for Children’s Diseases, and Mrs Selvedina Junuzović on behalf of the Foundation Junuzović spoke with the members of the press.

Prof. Dr. Nešad Hotić on this occasion summed up the results achieved in the year 2018. “The project of replacement of worn out openings with new openings at the Clinic for Children’s Diseases with the financial support of the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection, the Tuzla Canton Government was done. During this year this Clinic opened a brand new operating room that is connected to the Department of pediatric surgery and intensive care union”, he said and mentioned significant investments in new medical devices such as mechanical ventilators, incubators and warm tables. The special attention was also paid to recruiting of a new hospital staff.

Members of the press could learn information about the project “For a prettier smile of children” outcome, whose value was about 100 000 KM from Mrs Selvedina Junuzović. In speaking to the press she mentioned a charity events and dinner organized in March 2018 for numerous businessmen, doctors and people from public life to support much-needed renovation of the Clinic for Children’s Diseases. The collected funds were invested in the adaptation of consultative outpatient clinic and daily hospital of the Department of Pulmonology and Cardiology. Mrs Junuzović said that the Foundation Junuzović will continue with fund- raising activities in 2019 as well.

During the press conference Minister of Health Dr. Bahrudin Hadžiefendić highlighted a supportive role of the Tuzla Canton Government to all implemented and outgoing project in the University Clinical Center Tuzla. He also used an opportunity to present the capital equipment investment planning for the next year for the purchase of a new MRI, CT, linear accelerator and many more valuable equipment.