Online oncological consilium

Online oncological consilium

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Following the World Health Organization’s recommendations on reducing social distancing, as the most effective ways to reduce or slow down the spread of contagious disease, oncological consilium of the Clinic for Pulmonary Diseases, University Clinical Center Tuzla held a video conference.

The consilium of doctors consisted of Prof.Dr. Šefika Umihanić, coordinator, Dr. Aida Nurikić, clinical pharmacologist, Dr. Indira Omeragić MSci., specialist in radiation oncology, Dr. Amela Altumbabić, specialist in internal medicine and oncology, and Ass. Prof. Amra Šakušić medical doctor from the Clinic for Pulmonary Diseases who have presented cases and elaborated all medical records. According to formalized policies and procedures of the University Clinical Center Tuzla, an online consultations were done to set further treatment plans for oncological patients.

The Sector for Information Technology staff have technically supported our doctors to host their consilium meeting online.

On the occasion, a coordinator Prof. Dr. Šefika Umihanić said that an online oncological consilium was done so that our patients may receive timely and concrete information about their disease and a further course of treatment.