EU Ambassador Sattler delivers protective equipment for the University Clinical Center Tuzla

EU Ambassador Sattler delivers protective equipment for the University Clinical Center Tuzla

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As part of the EU’s assistance to BiH in the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19), Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in BiH Ambassador Johann Sattler handed over a new anesthesia machine and significant amount of medical equipment.

Ambassador Sattler said that the EU has shown solidarity with Bosnia and Herzegovina on many occasions. ” The EU is the most loyal partner to this country and its citizens. We were here five years ago when the floods hit this country, and again, we are here with you during the Covid-19 outbreak.” said Ambassador Sattler and pointed out that the Tuzla Canton has been a positive example of how to efficiently manage a pandemic situation. ” The right decisions at the right time were made in the Tuzla Canton, and I must say it’s a great pleasure for me to be here today in the company of Minister Čolić and director Jusufović who have demonstrated successful strategies for managing crisis situation.”he said.

On the occasion Prof. Dr. Vahid Jusufović, director of the University Clinical Center Tuzla expressed his gratitude and thanked to Ambassador Sattler and the EU for the donation of a high-tech medical equipment. He also said a few words about the importance of this modern anesthesia machine for its practical and everyday performance in intensive care units, operation room, anesthesiology department and other departments.

The Minister of Health of the Tuzla Canton Dajana Čolić also thanked for the donation saying that the donated anesthesia machine and protective equipment will be of great help during this unfavorable epidemiological situation, but also after the pandemic end.

The European Union has earmarked €7 million to help BiH fight COVID-19, and the equipment is being delivered in cooperation with UNDP BiH.