Cardiac surgery under epidural anesthesia

Cardiac surgery under epidural anesthesia

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A team of doctors from the Clinic for Cardiovascular surgery, Clinic for anesthesia and resuscitation,University Clinical Center Tuzla in cooperation with its colleagues from Albania American Hospital Tirana performed three cardio surgical procedures under thoracic epidural anesthesia during the last week. The distinguished doctors from Tirana are Dr. Gentian Huti and Dr. Amerildo Hidri, specialists of anesthesia and resuscitation.

“Beneficial effects of epidural anesthesia are a significantly shorter postoperative stay in the Intensive Care Union, alleviated perioperative pain, and reduced risk of complications.” said Prof. Dr. Alisa Krdžalić, specialist in anesthesia and resuscitation.

Dr. Adan Behrem, specialist in anesthesia and resuscitation explained that the decision to utilize regional anesthesia in patients with COPD undergoing cardiac surgery is because they have had a greater risk of postoperative pulmonary complications. The aim was to avoid the use of general anesthesia and mechanical ventilation.

The director of Clinical Center Tuzla Prof. Dr. Vahid Jusufović expressed satisfaction that during the Covid 19 pandemic, our doctors with support and assist of selfless colleagues from Albania introduced a new procedure. ” To the best of my knowledge this is the first cardio surgery in Bosnia and Herzegovina that was performed under regional anesthesia. I hope this cooperation with colleagues from Albania will continue to the mutual satisfaction.

During the stay in our hospital, Dr. Gentian Huti and Dr. Amerildo Hidri also delivered a lecture on the topic epidural anesthesia in cardio surgery.