Press conference: the project of Urgent Care Center

Press conference: the project of Urgent Care Center

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Press conference: the project of urgent care center

The University Clinical Center Tuzla is making an effort to maintain the high- quality of health services even during the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and capital planning and investments. On that occasion the management team of the University Clinical Center Tuzla hosted a press conference to speak with the members of the press about the project of introducing medical gas installations at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases i.e. Covid Hospital, and the project of Urgent care center at the University Clinical Center Tuzla.

The participants on today’s press conference were, director Prof. Dr. Vahid Jusufović, medical director Prof. Dr. Šekib Umihanić, director for scientific- research Prof. Dr. Ervin Alibegović, head of the sector for financial affairs Sabina Tanović, head of the sector for legal affairs Ervin Mujkić, and architect Damir Tucaković. As it was stated during the press conference, the installation of the supply system for medical gases in COVID hospital will provide vital medical gases for patient ventilation and oxygen therapy, while a newly built Urgent care center should be one site facility for treatment of urgent medical conditions.

In speaking to the press, director Prof.Dr. Vahid Jusufović said that our Clinical Center has been facing the problem of starting work on an existing project of Urgent care center that is one of the requirements hospital must meet to pursue accreditation process.

“ A project concept proposes a four levels facility to be located next to surgical facility Gradina, with a total area of 3.600 square meters of usable space. The Urgent care center would be connected to Gradina via warm passages. In addition to delivering faster and more efficient emergency medical care, the expansion of capacities of existing outpatient clinics is envisaged, whereas the construction of a new modern intensive care union with 20 beds would provide twice as much capacity as the existing ones. Further and in addition to laboratory, cabinet for CT scan and MRI the project propose building of a new and modern operating rooms. Moreover, this project scope includes the central pharmacy, the distribution of medical gases in the entire facility and foresees a parking space. Therefore, all activities related to the emergency care or treatment of a patient in critical condition would be centralized.” said Prof. Dr. Jusufović

Medical director prof. Dr. Šekib Umihanić told reporters that the University Clinical Center Tuzla annually provides approximately 3.700 urgent surgeries under general or local anesthesia, and according to the current organization of services, the patients are looked after in different hospital’s settings. By building a new Urgent care center the whole system of health care service would be accessible and patient- centered.

The press conference also revealed that the project value is estimated five to six million convertible marks, and that the value may rise up to 20 million due to the purchase of medical equipment. The realization of the project will be achieved through a public- private partnership models.