Purple Day  for epilepsy marked in Tuzla

Purple Day for epilepsy marked in Tuzla

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International Epilepsy Day, also known as Purple Day 2022 was observed in Tuzla on March 26th .

After the press conference, health professionals from the Clinic for Neurology, University Clinical Center Tuzla and medical students from the University of Tuzla Medical faculty hosted events in downtown in support of epilepsy awareness. On the occasion they shared learning material on epilepsy and modest gifts with citizens, and offered information, advice and support to people living with epilepsy and to people who want to learn more about epilepsy.

As it was said earlier the tree in the downtown will be decorated with purple lights in the following seven days.

“As of tonight, the tree in the downtown will be decorated with purple lights. The aim of this day is to support patients but also to combat stigma, fear and prejudice around epilepsy” , said Dr. Larisa Kovačević, chief of the Department of general neurology. Dr. Kovačević also said that although there is an increasing trends in the incidence and prevalence of epilepsy, only small number of patients with non- symptomatic epilepsies can gradually be discontinued from drug treatment. “In addition to drug management, it is very important to deal with stigma and psychological distress among patients, especially young ones.” she said.

To support patients with epilepsy, their families and caregivers, the University Clinical Center Tuzla opens epilepsy telephone helpline.

The epilepsy telephone helpline is available on 035 303 472 every Wednesday between 2 pm- 3 pm.

Our professional specialists will answer your questions in confidence about epilepsy and seizures and provide you with consultation, advice and support.