Press conference- 30th Danubian Psychiatric Symposium announced

Press conference- 30th Danubian Psychiatric Symposium announced

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The press conference on the occasion of the International 30th Danubian Psychiatric Symposium was held today on 27 October, 2022 in the University Clinical Center Tuzla. The main theme of the Symposium that will be held 28- 30 October, 2022 is “ICD-11 and creative pharmacotherapy in psychiatry: challenges and perspectives”.

In speaking to the press Prof. Dr. Izet Pajević, president of the organizing committee of the Symposium said that the aim of the organizers is to start the process of adoption and implementation of a new classification of psychiatric diseases by clinicians, researchers, and regulatory authorities, and to improve the diagnostic process but also guidelines on the pharmacological treatment of metal disorders.

Scientific program of the Symposium includes the promotion of the book entitled “Introduction to the classification of psychiatric disorders ICD 11”. The book is about the International Classification of Diseases and Causes of Death, which is a health care classification system, providing a system of diagnostic codes for classifying diseases that all health care professionals should adopt in their clinical work.

Prof. Dr. Ervin Alibegović, director for teaching and scientific research of the University Clinical Center Tuzla told to a press conference that hospital management team strongly supports all medical scientific medical and professional events, as well as cooperation with academic medical centers in the region and the world. He also highlighted the importance and complimented the Clinic of Psychiatry for organizing this significant medical event.

At a press conference academician Prof. Dr. Osman Sinanović, head of the Department of Medical Sciences of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina said that the upcoming Symposium is a very important international and professional meeting, where a revised classification system with a lot of updates in the clinical approach and treatment of the diseases, is to be presented.

The members of the press learned more details from Prof. Dr. Mevludin Hasanović, a member of the organizing committee of the Symposium about scientific program and invited speakers from Croatia,Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkiye, Austria, Hungary, Spain, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.