Wear Red Dress Day, February 2, marked in Clinical Center Tuzla

Wear Red Dress Day, February 2, marked in Clinical Center Tuzla

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The Clinic for Neurology, University Clinical Center Tuzla has joined the Red Dress Day campaign, which aims to encourage women to take care of their health, primarily the health of the heart and blood vessels, because the most of vascular diseases can be prevented by healthy lifestyle changes.

The campaign also aims to encourage health professionals to pay special attention to heart attacks and brain strokes in women due to the specificity of the symptoms compared to men.

The Red Dress Day is focused on raising awareness of women’s heart disease and stroke risks, and it is celebrated on the first Friday of every February. The symbol of the campaign is a red dress, as a universal image of a woman, and the color red stands for health, life and vitality, but also a warning.

Prof. Dr. Aida Šehanović, head of the Clinic for Neurology, stroke represents a major health and social- economic problem that can be prevented by up to 50 percent if warning signs such as severe headache, transient visual disturbances, transient numbness or weakness of one side of the body are taken seriously and medical help is provided timely. Prof. Dr. Šehanović pointed out that the goal of marking the Day is to bring greater visibility to risk factors and educate and motivate women to take action to protect their brain health.

Therefore, the Red Dress Day is a day to wear red and redouble our efforts to raise awareness of cerobrovascular diseases in women, for their overall impact is higher in women than in men.

The first campaign “Red Dress Day”, #wear red, “Go Red for Women”, was launched in America, and today is an international campaign dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and control of cardiovascular diseases, which includes diseases of blood vessels, heart and brain in women.