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The 42th Ultra Sound School of Abdomen has started as part of continuing education at University Clinical Center Tuzla. In the next thirty days nine participans will be instructed in the theory content before attending their practical training session for clinical application of abdominal ultrasound.

“An abdominal ultrasound is a type of imaging test that takes pictures of a variety of abdominal structures. The program of this school provides participants with a theoretical foundation, practical application of abdominal ultrasound, and interpretation of ultrasound images.” said Prof. Dr. Senaid Trnačević, a school leader.

Prof. Dr. Enver Zerem, Director of scientific reserch at the UKC Tuzla addressed participants and said that the ultrasound scanning is an important clinical tool which must be mastered by all medical doctors in 21st century.

The first UKC Tuzla ultrasound school of abdomen started in 1997. The Tuzla Canton Medical Chamber and Univesity Clinical Center of Tuzla are the event organizers.