Accreditation Centre for Voluntary, confidential counseling and testing (VCT)

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After the adoption of the accreditation standard for the services of voluntary confidential counseling and testing (DTPS services), at the proposal of the Agency for Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare F BiH (AKAZ), UCC Tuzla joined the preparations for the accreditation of the Centre for voluntary, confidential counseling and testing (VCT) who works at the Clinic for infectious diseases. The preparations of the Center for accreditation lasted two months, and were related to the development of the missing policies and procedures, check the conditions related to space, staff and equipment, introduction of employees with substance to be tested through interviews, gathering documents to be made available external evaluators, the implementation of the missing education and more.

The preparation was conducted by employees who work at the Centre, headed by a prime. dr. Šabović Sana, the head of the Department of AIDS, respiratory diseases and quarantine, with the support of the Chief of the Department of Infectious Diseases, prof. dr. Sead Ahmetagić and expert assistance of Corporate organizations and improve the quality.

External evaluation is carried out on 19 01 2016 by external evaluators AKAZ’s, Prim. Enes handful, epidemiologists and others. med. Clear Topalovic-Četković, infectious diseases.

After the submitted report by the external assessors, the Board of cashew and, at its session on 24. 02. 2016, issued a decision on granting unconditional accreditation decision No. 02-37-78-3 / 15 Centre for voluntary, confidential counseling and testing Cabinet AIDS and other immunodeficiency diseases with counseling at the Clinic for infectious diseases PHI University clinical center Tuzla. The percentage of compliance with accreditation standards for VCT center is 98%.