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The University Clinical Center Tuzla for the first time offers a new nonsurgical method for the treatment of liver tumors. In the procedure called ethanol ablation of liver tumor, a certain amount of concetrated alcohol is injected directly into the tumor. The ablation destroys tumor cells and a small portion of the surrounding healthy tissue, whereby the tumor is being completely destroyed and replaced by scar tissue. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes and does not require a hospital stay.

Additional benefit is that ablation treatment can be repeated as often as necessary to the tumor completely dissapear.

“ This method is applicable only to a selected group of patients, and it is a way to cure or significantly prolong the life of patients. Until now, patients with liver cancer and liver metastases, who for varius reasons were not suitable for surgical treatment had to go beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina for tumor ablation.” said Prof. Dr. Nermin Salkić.

The team who performed tumor ablation to treat liver cancer includes Academician Prof. Dr. Enver Zerem, Prof. Dr. Nermin Salkić and Bahrija Haračić and Firdeusa Isaković, nurses supported by anesthesia team.