World Diabetes Day, 2016

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The University Clinical Center Tuzla, Department of Endocrinology has joined the global diabetes awareness campaign and marked World Diabetes Day on 14 November. The aim of the campaign is to address issues facing the global diabetes community, as well as to promote healthy diets and active lifestyles.
On the occasion, healthcare professionals from the Department of Endocrinology performed health screening for blood glucose, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI). During the campaign they also promoted healthy eating habits and diet through nutrition education.
Mersija Šljivić, head nurse of the Department of Endocrinology said that a leading risk factor for diabetes is obesity” Modern life style has totally changed eating habits. A sedentary lifestyle, little or no regular exercise or physical activity, a diet laden with calories, smoking and stress affecting the growing number of people with diabetes.”

In addition, health care professionals gave presentation that provided a useful tips and recommendations on how to deal with the diagnosis of diabetes and shared diabetes patient education handouts