Head of the clinic: Prof. Dr. Mirsad Hodžić, specialist in neurosurgery

Head nurse: Amira Zukić, graduated nurse

Nurse for quality improvement and education: Belkisa Murselović, graduated nurse

Telephone:+387 35 303 248; +387 35 303 249
Fax : +387 35 303 249

The Clinic for Neurosurgery, University Clinical Center Tuzla is one of the largest dedicated neurosurgical center in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since its establishment, this clinic has encompassed a comprehensive neurosurgical procedures, ongoing scientific and research activity, education and neurosurgical training for students and residents, and modern neurosurgical patient care. The clinic is well equipped with modern surgical technology, and offers its patient modern diagnostic and treatment in line with the very latest status of scientific research. Our professional staff took neurosurgery specialty trainings in top ranked hospitals for neurosurgery in the USA, Germany, France and Croatia, and they are often active participants at domestic and international scientific conferences, meeting and courses. With academic neurosurgery residency training program this clinic is the teaching and training ground for students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tuzla.

The clinic has 30 beds. Neurosurgical program is performed in two neurosurgery rooms and one angiography procedure room. In the post operative recovery the patients stay for a short period in the Intensive Care Unit of the Clinic for Anesthesia and Resuscitation. An outpatient clinic with several specialists ambulances is open every working day 8-16 hours, and provides patients with outpatient neurosurgical treatment, regular preoperative treatment and post operative check ups.

Neurosurgery team consists of 7 doctors neurosurgeons, 2 doctors on a residency in neurosurgery and two secondary doctors.

The Clinic for Neurosurgery is devoted to the evaluation and treatment of patients with neurosurgical disorders. Neurooncology deals with the treatment of pediatric and adult tumor conditions. Vascular neurosurgery offers surgery of aneurysms, arterio- venous malformations (AVM) and other vascular pathology of the brain. Endovascular neurosurgery program includes coiling of brain aneurysms, embolization of AVMs and tumors, stenting of blood vessels of the brain and neck. Skull base surgery diagnoses and treats complex disorders and pathologies of skull base. Pediatric neurosurgery includes interventions in patients with hydrocephalus, developmental anomalies and neural tube defects. Spinal neurosurgery deals with surgical treatment of pathology affecting the spinal canal and disorders of the spine. A stereotactic neurosurgery involves obtaining brain tissue samples for histopathological evaluation using a stereotactic device. Neurosurgery of the peripheral nervous system includes surgical treatment of compressive neuropathies and peripheral nerve injuries. Neurosurgical management of head injury with continuous intracranial monitoring.


  • Department for cranial neurosurgery

  • Department for spinal neurosurgery

  • Department for pediatric neurosurgery

  • Department for endovascular neurosurgery


7 doctors specialists in neurosurgery

2 doctors on a residency in neurosurgery

6 graduated nurses/technicians

12 nurses/technicians

1 non- medical worker

Doctors specialists: Prof. dr. Mirsad Hodžić, head of the clinic; Prof. dr. Harun Brkić; Ass. Prof. Zlatko Ercegović, chief of the department for spinal neurosurgery; Primarius Dr. Selma Jakupović MSci, chief of the department for pediatric neurosurgery; Ass. prof. Dželil Korkut, chief of the department for cranial neurosurgery; Dr. Goran Mehmedović; Ass. Prof. Mirza Moranjkić, chief of the department for endovascular neurosurgery.

Doctors on a residency program: Dr. Adnan Čičkušić; Dr. Amir Sejdinović


Klaudija Babić , nurse in charge of the department for pediatric neurosurgery
Jasenko Bašić
Svjetlana Beganović-Trgovčević, nurse in charge of operating rooms
Almir Bijedić
Amila Čanić
Mihreta Džinić
Vesna Filipović, nurse in charge of the department for cranial neurosurgery
Jolanda Mujagić, nurse in charge of the department of spinal neurosurgery
Zlata Krasnić
Marcela Marić
Amira Mehdin, nurse in charge on neurosurgery outpatient clinic
Safeta Memić
Alen Mujanović
Belkisa Murselović, nurse for quality improvement and education
Dina Mustajbašić
Djuka Petrović
Nerminka Prohić
Amina Selimović
Amira Zukić