Head of the Sector: Azra Nurkanović MSc., a law degree

Secretary: Aida Mujkić

E-mail: info@ukctuzla.ba

Telephone: 00387 35 303 66

Fax: 00 387 35 250 474

Services provided by the Sector:

  • Drafting of working materials of general and individual acts;
  • Drafting of decisions and resolutions on exercising the rights based on the employment relationship;
  • Drafting of lawsuit, appeals and other submissions in civil, administrative, executive, criminal and misdemeanor proceedings;
  • Representation before courts and administrative bodies in all proceedings;
  • Drafting of contract text and providing comments and suggestions on contract drafting;
  • Court records registration;
  • Monitoring and application of legal and a by-laws of general and individual acts;
  • Keeping records related to human resources
  • Drafting of documents related to the transfer of real estate and other issues that require formal registration;
  • Developing an employee recruitment plan;
  • Coordination and analysis of activities related to a new- employee introduction to work;
  • Evaluating employee performance data;
  • Monitoring and analysis of employee turnover;
  • Submission of standard forms for social security rights;
  • Drafting of reports and analyzes by order of the Board of Directors and the director of the Institution

Organizing structure

  • Sector for legal affairs
  • Sector for human resources