During the year 2003, following the latest trends and the principles of continuous improvement in healthcare, as well as the need for continuous improvement and increasing the service quality for patients satisfaction, the University Clinical Center Tuzla established the Sector for Organization and Quality Improvement.

The main task of the Sector is to cooperate with organizational units, and to establish, maintain and improve patient safety and service quality system, which includes the supervision of the professional work primarily of healthcare professionals and their associates. Establishing, maintaining and improvement of organized system for quality and safety improvement further results in accreditation and certification on the quality of healthcare services.


  • Research of organizational structure, activities and principles of management;

  • Analysis of research data and making proposals for improvement and modernization of organizational performance;

  • Participation in creation and standardization of policies and procedures, protocols, clinical pathways and other documents;

  • The development of health quality care indicators;

  • Coordinating relations with patients;

  • Patients and care givers complaint processes;

  • Measurement of patients’ satisfaction;

  • Defining a guideline for clinical audit and coordination of the implementation of clinical audit process;

  • Standardization of medical and other documentation;

  • Control of established quality standards and their implementation (policies, procedures, medical and other records etc.);

  • Development of quality and risk management plan of organizational units and monitoring of implementation;

  • Preparing reports and analysis in the field of quality management

Head of the Sector: Hurić Armin, LLV Master of Laws

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 770

Fax: 00 387 35 250 474

E- mail: armin.huric@ukctuzla.ba

Referent for organizational design: Ervin Mujkić, LLV Master of Laws

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 645

E- mail: ervin.mujkic@ukctuzla.ba

Referent for quality measurement and analysis: Karabegović Amina, graduated in economics

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 450

E- mail: amina.karabgovic@ukctuzla.ba

Referent for relations with patients:

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 645

E- mail:

Referent for administrative jobs: Gogić Amila

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 450

E- mail: amila.gogic@ukctuzla.ba


Chief of service for standardization and quality control:

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 420

E- mail:

Coordinator for standardization and quality control:

Referent: Adina Šehomerović, graduated nurse

Referent: Samra Osmančević MSc., graduated in nursing

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 420

E – mail: samra.osmancevic@ukctuzla.ba


Chief of risk management service: Slijepčević Salih, graduated technician

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 420

E- mail: salih.slijepcevic@ukctuzla.ba

Coordination for risk management:

Referent: Mirza Bekan, graduated nurse

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 645

E- mail: mirza.bekan@ukctuzla.ba

Referent: Denisa Babović, graduated nurse

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 450

E- mail: denisa.babovic@ukctuzla.ba

Books and professional paperworks written by employees:

  • Standardi sigurnosti i kvaliteta za bolnice -AKAZ 2020 – saradnici: Mr.sci.ecc Maida Nuhić, dipl.pravnik, Armin Hurić, MA iur, Univerzitetski klinički centar Tuzla

  • Standardne operativne procedure zdravstvene njege za sekundardni i tercijalni nivo zdravstvene zaštite – koautor Salih Slijepčević, Ministarstvo zdravlja F BiH i Fami 2022