Head of the Sector: Asim Džafić, mechanical engineer

Secretary: Nesiba Mustačević

E- mail: info@ukctuzla.ba

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 602

Fax: 00 387 35 250 474

The Sector for Technology offers technical and technological support for all operating procedures and workflows at all organizational units in Clinical center Tuzla. The activity of the Sector includes, among other things, the production and distribution of energy products, regular technical and technological maintenance, preventive maintenance, investments and investment maintenance.

The Sector for Technology currently consists of several departments and services with different activities and tasks:

  1. Service for joint affairs

  2. Electrical engineering service

  3. Service for electromedical devices

  4. Mechanical engineering service

  5. Investments and investment maintenance

  6. Occupational safety and fire protection service

  7. Food service