Head of the Sector: Assoc. Prof. Nihad Mešanović, electrical engineer

Secretary: Subhija Mujkić

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 446

Fax: 00 387 35 251 456

E- mail: info@ukctuzla.ba

The IT Sector is a special organizational unit that provides a tech support and maintenance of technological and communication systems, maintenance of the computer infrastructure and functionality of the systems overall. Professionals within the IT sector of the University Clinical Center Tuzla work on integrated information systems PACS (picture archiving communication system) and RIS (a radiology information system), which provides clinicians and other health professionals with access to complete imaging histories, comparison images and reports, and speeds up workflow.

The IT Sector is consisted of four services:

  • Design and programming service

  • Telecommunication service

  • IT and support service

  • Communication service

The IT Sector covers a broad range of areas of concern:

  • Design, development and maintenance of a computer network

  • Development of a unique information system within the University Clinical Center Tuzla

  • Computer equipment service and maintenance and keeping operating systems up to date

  • IT applications and database development

  • Assist users with computer and different software and program issues

  • Install and configure new technologies

  • Planning and realization of promotional activities

  • Preparation of information for the media and communication with the media

  • Preparation of newsletters and other publications

  • Planning and facilitation of successful internal communication

  • Hospital website design and update

  • Photographing, recording, editing of audio and video content

Design and programming service

Head of Service: MSc. Nedim Jahić, electrical engineer

The service covers the most complex work to create computer programs, IT applications and databases; participation in project tasks and creating computer data; system analysis of business applications and system analysis of engineering- scientific applications; participation in the work of project teams for the development of application software; creation of an organizational scheme, processing and elaboration of data in a database or files.

Telecommunication service

Head of Service: Nedžad Zejnilović, electrical engineer

The service maintain telecommunication infrastructure, a telephone switchboard and telefax system; helps facilitate successful communication between local telephones and public telephone traffic; establishes city, intercity and international telephone connections.

IT and support service

Head of Service: MSc. Muamer Smajlović, electrical engineer

The service IT team covers several important instances. Here is a more detailed list of responsibilities tied to this service: installation, modification and update of software system; administration of system software in Clinical Center Tuzla; directing the development of application software and hardware; maintain and troubleshoot systems; data protection in healthcare information systems.

Communication service

Head of Service: MSc. Ersija Aščerić Mujedinović, graduated journalist

Telephone: 00 387 35 3030 115; 303 190

Fax: 00 387 35 303 190

E- mail: info@ukctuzla.ba

The service covers following tasks: creating and distributing effective communications, marketing and media relations; designs, plans and implements promotional and protocol activities, participating in different engagement projects; preparing daily newspaper and various publications; updating the website, managing photography, audio and video recording, archiving of audiovisual digital material and press clipping.