Head of the Service: Lejla Ibrišimović MSc., professor of physics, specialist in medical physics, expert in radiation protection in the medical field

Telephone: 00 387 35 303 491; 303 492

E- mail: lejla.ibrisimovic@ukctuzla.ba

The Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Service was established with the aim to link up services related to th medical physics, radiation safety and protection from ionizing radiation at the University Clinical Center Tuzla. As a self- contained professional non- medical organizational unit it provides support and highly skilled services for all clinical activities (surgical, internal medicine and diagnostics), and it is located at the Radiotherapy clinic.

The working force is consisted of five medical physicists; three medical physicists have master of science degree. Four medical physicists work at the Clinic for Radiotherapy, and two are assigned at the Clinic for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.


  • The service participates in the development of the quality assurance program in diagnostic radiology and for all clinical activities that include medical devices that are sources of ionizing radiation or use ionizing radiation;

  • Radiotherapy treatment planning, measuring/ calculation of radiation dose in patients, calibration and monitoring of radiotherapy devices, treatment delivery and post treatment follow- up;

  • Prepare the Manual for Protection against Ionizing Radiation and for the Safety of Radiation Sources at the University Clinical Center Tuzla, including education of professional staff and patients in that area;

  • Professional staff participate in education in the field of medical physics, as well as in scientific research projects and technical cooperation with the IAEA;

  • The service is correspondent for implementation of the IAEA projects, through which valuable donations for Clinical Center Tuzla have been realized (brachytherapy, mammography machine, ultrasound machines etc.)