Training of health personnel from Iraq

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University Clinical Center Tuzla and CIR (Center for International Rehabilitation, USA) as the partners of the project implementers are urgent rehabilitation activities within the World Bank to help victims of the war in Iraq. It is about the education of managers in health care, physical therapists and physical therapists in health care institutions in Iraq.

A research project on the impact of war trauma

The impact of war trauma on memory memory of young people “is the title of an international project conducted in cooperation with the Norwegian experts It is the first international research project on the impact of trauma on memory in adolescents. The sample of the research was done consisted of 40 adolescents from Tuzla, who survived the events of the war as children and the control group did their peers from Oslo, who had no contact with the war. The obtained results are important
in the creation of strategies and actions impact on the quality of mental healt