Public Health Institution University Clinical Center is a modern medical facility in which you apply modern methods of treatment and diagnostic procedures, monitor the achievements of science and for continued education of staff.
Our mission is to maintain and improve the health of citizens by providing effective and efficient health services of high quality, within available resources and integrated healthcare system.
We are committed to excellence in a wide range of services we provide husbandry, health and satisfaction of our patients in a way they were set in the center of events.
We work in partnership with health and other institutions and serve as a center for education, training and research.
Our vision is:
To be a regional leader for excellence in the provision of health services, including continuous improvement of quality and safety,
To be an institution where the patients want to heal and to work to increase the patients from pleasures,
To provide appropriate clinical environment that supports research and education of health professionals, as individuals and as team members,
To be “institutions which employees are selected” by providing an environment that values ​​and knowledge and that retains its employees.
To achieve our mission we are guided by the following values:
Health services geared to the patient,
Ongoing obligation to care for their patients and each other,
Excellence as the greatest achievement of the health care and medical science,
Efficient and effective use of resources in the provision of health services,
The pursuit of creative solutions, originality and innovation,
Create and use the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and its dissemination,
Cooperation with other health institutions in the provision of health services, education and research,
Cooperation and teamwork in achieving our goals,
Responsibility for taking action and results,
Willingness to change,
Mutual respect as a principle in all activities and personal interactions,
Respect personal and cultural differences and the use of other ethical standards, primarily the Hippocratic Oath,
The effort to build trust in our ability to anticipate and respond to the needs of the community and patients.