Public Health Institution University Clinical Center Tuzla is a modern institution with a clear vision of development and mission to promote continuous education and raising the quality of services to their patients in order to be a leader in the care of the health of citizens, in use in the treatment, education and innovation. The establishment of cooperation with a number of medical facilities around the world, University Clinical Center Tuzla its development on the permanent professional and scientific education of medical workers and medical staff in the country and abroad. There are many destinations in which doctors, nurses, administrators and other staff perform training. Education is carried out in the framework of partnership projects, so that, in addition to staying our experts in modern medical centers around the world, world-renowned experts often staying in the University Clinical Center Tuzla. Bilateral co-operation is ensured with the great centers of Slovenia (Ljubljana, Maribor, Golnik), Croatian (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek), Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sremska Kamenica, Cuprija), United States (Buffalo, Cincinnati, Chicago, Maryland), France (Strasbourg, Paris, Anges, Nantes), Austria (Wienna), Germany (Gunzburg, Ulm, Lübeck, Frankfurt, Regensburg, Deggendorf), Sweden (Orebro), Norway (Oslo, Trondhaim), England ( Leeds), Italy (Udine), Switzerland (Berne) and Turkey (Istanbul, Malatya).
Signed a cooperation agreement with Acibadem Health Group
Memorandum of Cooperation between the PHI University Clinical Center Tuzla and health group Acibadem was signed in September 2014, at the University Clinical Center Tuzla. The memorandum was signed doc. Dr. Nešad Hotić, director of the Center Tuzla and representatives of the Turkish company Severcan Eralp, manager for the Balkan region. Established cooperation opens new opportunities for education, training and exchange of scientific and professional experiences in different fields of medicine. The cooperation will be realized through the support it will provide doctors each other in selected clinical areas, as well as through cooperation in a variety of laboratory tests and analyzes that can be done in the University Clinical Center Tuzla. Also, Acibadem Health Group will provide treatments that can not be placed in the UCC Tuzla at reasonable prices protocols.
Univerzitetskabolnica Örebro, Sweden
Two-way cooperation in the field of psychiatry and addiction treatment, as well as the exchange of experiences in the treatment of trauma was formalized with the signing of the Cooperation Agreement, on 31 August 2004 between the UCC Tuzla and the University Hospital of Örebro (Center for treatment of drug addicts the District Psychiatric Hospital Örebro), Sweden .
St.Gemmas Hospice, Leeds, United Kingdom
Cooperation is intensively since 2001 and within it implemented the project of opening the Department of Palliative Hospice njege- within the Clinic for Pulmonary Diseases and TB Center Tuzla. An agreement on cooperation was signed 13.10.2006.godine which officially resumed cooperation in education and exchange of experience to provide the most adequate treatment for patients with serious diseases.
The Buffalo General Hospital, USA
Memorandum of Understanding between the General Health System in Buffalo, American international health system (AIHA), the Ministry of Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Center Tuzla was signed on 21 October 1996 with the purpose of developing a productive and long-term partnerships in order to improve the quality of health care in Tuzla and Buffalo including not only the quality and character of health care but also the administration of institutions, systems of protection and the system of medical education.
Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Ohio
Memorandum of Understanding signed in October 2000 between Cincinnati Childrens Hospital, USA, Center Tuzla (the Clinic for children’s diseases) and the Pediatric Clinic in Zagreb, opening the way quality of education staff, new experiences in the treatment of the child population as well as the improvement of the area as a whole. It was created as the result of many years of cooperation with Prof.dr.Ričardom Azizkanom which is in Bosnia and Tuzla to the signing of the Memorandum visited 8 times.
Rehabilitation Clinic “Dr. Miroslav Zotovic “Belgrade
Business Cooperation Agreement signed on 3 June 2005, predicted the cooperation of the University Clinical Center Tuzla, and Clinic for rehabilitation “Dr Miroslav Zotovic” from Belgrade in the field of exchanging experiences and knowledge in oblasrti physical medicine and medical rehabilitation and introduction of new diagnostic procedures, particularly diagnostic examination of the urinary tract, in which the Belgrade experts have 30 years experience.
Our partnerships Tuzla – Cuprija, Serbia – Trondahaim, Norway
The “Aging and his old room” in which takes place specialization in high and senior medical staff in the field of gerontology and care for the elderly is implemented in the framework of cooperation between the University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the School of Medicine at the Bridge, Serbia and Sor-Trondelag University of Trondahaim’s, Norway.
Clinic for Infectious Diseases “Dr Fran Mihaljevic” Zagreb
Since December 1997 established cooperation in the field of education personnel in the field of infectious diseases, especially in the diagnostics and new methods in the treatment. Two-way cooperation has resulted in a very high-quality exchange of knowledge and experiences and organization of continuing education courses in infectious diseases on June 15, 2007 in Tuzla.
General Hospital “Sveti Duh” Zagreb, Croatia
Since 1995 established contacts and cooperation based on education of personnel KC Tuzla Clinical Hospital “Holy Spirit” from Zagreb. Through prof.dr.Asima Kurjaka and understanding prof.dr.Dragutina Košute concluded an agreement on personnel training
CIR, .Chikago, USA
The project of education in the field of ortho-prosthetics in the framework of the Center for International Rehabilitation (CIR) in Chicago, USA, a nonprofit organization that works worldwide to assist people with onesposobljenjemu PHI started with the implementation of 2005
University Hospital of Nantes
Signed the Framework Agreement on the partnership between the UCC Tuzla and the University Hospital of Nantes long-standing good cooperation has gained a new dimension. The agreement was signed Prof.Dr.Elmir Čičkušić, director of the Clinical Center in Tuzla and Ms Christiane Coudrier, Director General of the CHU Nantes.
Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, France
Since 1997, started cooperation based on personnel training.
On the “medical meetings France – Bosnia and Herzegovina”, held in Sarajevo on 16 March 2001 was signed the Convention on Cooperation between the University Clinical Center Tuzla and the University Hospital in Strasbourg.
Hôpital Saint-Jacques Nantes, France
Cooperation in the field of eduction in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation started back in 1997 with the Department of palivalentnu functional re-education “Saint Jaeques” Nantes, France confirmed in 2001 in Sarajevo signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the University Hospital Center Nanies, France and Clinical Center Tuzla , Bosnia and Herzegovina and the coordinator appointed doc. Dr. Sc. Suad Kapidžić Durakovic.
Department of Neurosurgery Guenzburg, University of Ulm, Germany
Hans-Peter Richter, professor of neurosurgery and head of the Department of Neurology in Ulm, Germany stayed in early November 1996 in the Department of Neurology in Tuzla. (First contacts were established in 1992, after three years of cooperation examined over 300 patients and operated 150 patients) .Dolaskom prof. Richter to Tuzla there is an opportunity to help patients who have had peripheral nerve injury and training of local teams in managing these types of injuries. Open the possibility of cooperation between the two institutions.
Universitetsklinik Rikshospitalet, Oslo Norway
The introduction of emergency procedures in resolving the problem of a large narrowing of veins and arteries was conducted at the Clinic of Radiology thanks to Dr. Geir Hafsahl, the interventional radiologist from Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway.