Awards and recognitions for the outstanding contribution during the COVID-19 crisis

Awards and recognitions for the outstanding contribution during the COVID-19 crisis

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On Tuesday, 29 December, Prof. Dr. Vahid Jusufović, director of the University Clinical Center Tuzla held a solemn ceremony to highlight the outstanding contribution of individuals and teams during the COVID-19 crisis. The awards are presented to Prof. Dr. Nijaz Tihić, Prof.Dr. Dilista Piljić, Ass. Prof. Jasmina Smajić, Dr. Damir Pištoljević, Jasmin Halilović graduated technician, Nedim Palavrić Mech. Eng, Prof. Dr. Amer Čustović, and Mujo Šerak Elect. Eng.

Recognitions for the outstanding commitment in the treatment and control of COVID- 19 disease are presented to Prof. dr. Zijah Rifatbegović, Dr. Damir Pištoljević specialist in anesthesia and resuscitation, Dr. Edin Jašarević, specialist in internal medicine, Jasmin Trumić graduated technician, Amir Borić graduated technician, Boris Perkić graduated technician and the Mufti of Tuzla Vahid effendi Fazlović.

On the occasion the director Prof.Dr. Vahid Jusufović delivered speech and said that the year 2020 was extremely difficult marked by the COVID- 19 pandemic, but many efforts have been made

to be available at all times to the citizens of the Tuzla Canton and above. All employees of the University Clinical Center Tuzla have devote their full attention and best efforts to their assigned duties in the treatment of patients with COVID-19. ” Today, we wanted to highlight special individuals and teams among our employees with this symbolic awards and recognitions” said Prof. Dr. Jusufović.

The Minister of Health of the Tuzla Canton Dr. Dajana Čolić also attended the ceremony and said:” With this ceremony we would like to express our gratitude to all health professionals, associates and non- medical workers for everything they have done during the past ten months, and for everything they will do in the forthcoming period, because non of us can predict how long this pandemic could last.” said Dr. Dajana Čolić.