The Piljic- method presented at the press conference

The Piljic- method presented at the press conference

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Today, the University Clinical Center Tuzla hosted a press conference to present the Piljic- method that was used in surgery of total occlusion of the aorta with critical limb ischemia. This method invented and carried out Prof. Dr. Dragan Piljić, cardiovascular surgeon, head of the Department for vascular surgery.

In speaking to the press Prof. Piljić explained that convention open surgical treatment in this case includes an incision of 40 cm in the patient’s abdomen, the removal of the intestines and other organs to access the aorta that is located in front of the spine. This conventional surgery also requires the administration of large volumes of IV fluids leading to intestinal swelling, slowed peristalsis, and a heavy burden on the kidneys. The patients experienced severe pain, prolonged stay in the Intensive Care Union followed by a frequent complications.

In the question- and – answer portion of the press conference Prof. Piljić also explained that for all this he had decided to research possibilities of making a smaller incision on the abdominal wall without intestines being elevating out of the abdominal cavity with restricted intraoperative and postoperative fluid regime. In compliance with all ethical and international standards, Prof. Piljić conducted a four- year study of which results were published in a highly indexed American, German and Japanese journals.

” Surgery of the abdominal aorta is now being done through 8 to 10 cm paraumbilical incision. The small and large intestines were retracted to the side without being elevated out of the abdominal cavity with IV fluid restriction, thus avoiding the possibility of vascular system and kidneys loading, consequently intestines swelling and weakened peristalsis.Uneventful postoperative recovery resulted in hospital discharge on postoperative day four, while with the conventional method the patients spent 15 days in hospital in great pain.” said Prof. Dragan Piljić.

About the importance of this new method for the University Clinical Center’s surgical program and science research with the media spoke medical director Prof. Dr. Šekib Umihanić, director for scientific research department Prof. Dr. Ervin Alibegović, and the academician Prof. Dr. Mirsada Hukić.