Workflow management due to COVID-19 pandemic

Workflow management due to COVID-19 pandemic

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Due to unfavorable situation caused by COVID-19, the University Clinical Center has taken steps and measures to keep the pandemic from overwhelming a workflow processes. The triage checkpoints are set up at clinics and at the main entrance of hospital.

Following the Federal Headquarters recommendations for infection, a triage checkpoints are formed to screen and handle an influx of patients. The patients with positive epidemic anamnesis will be send to isolation at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases to be evaluated for COVID-19. All patients with suspected COVID-19 will be held until the final microbiological, laboratory and radiology diagnostics results. In case of positive coronavirus finding a multidisciplinary team of health professionals will make decision on further treatment.

“If ICU intensivist as a member of a multidisciplinary team estimates that the patient has had respiratory failure and progression of the lung disease that requires mechanical ventilation, he will be urgently transported to the primary respiratory center with isolation in Slavinovići.”, explained Prof. Dr. Sead Ahmetagić, head of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and member of the Crisis Headquarters of the Tuzla Canton.

As part of the triage monitoring, the patients who are referred to a tertiary health care will be asked to fill out coronavirus questionnaire. If all questions are answered NO a suspected case will be rejected.

Available contact telephone numbers 035 303 541 and 062 939 926 will be used to announce suspected patient’ arrival to the hospital, and for better management of communication between clinics and the triage check points.

In the forthcoming period, traffic will be regulated within the University Clinical Center Tuzla, which means that the main hospital entry will serve for entering and exiting of patients and vehicles, while other entries in the University Clinical Center Tuzla will be closed.