Meeting on Transplant Medicine

Meeting on Transplant Medicine

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Yesterday, an international healthcare professionals with a high level of expertise in transplantation field from Spain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Hungary together with the representatives of the Donor Network of BiH paid a visit to the University Clinical Center Tuzla.

Our esteemed guests hosted the director Ass. Prof. Alen Kamerić with his closest associates.

The aim of the visit was to strengthen the cooperation with the Donation and Transplantation Institute Barcelona, but also to discuss possibilities of expanding cooperation with the Transplant Institutes in Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Hungary. This meeting was also an opportunity to evaluate the efficacy of transplant program in Clinical Center Tuzla.

The director Kamerić opened the meeting and noted that the University Clinical Center Tuzla is the leading transplant provider in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is still important to work on improving the organ donation/transplantation processes. He also addressed the lack of an umbrella body for regulating policies and the projects of international cooperation related to transplant medicine at the state level.

Special acknowledgement was made to the Institute from Barcelona and Prof. Dr. Manyalich who through the supportive cooperation organized an advanced training courses in transplant medicine and the brain death management in Clinical Center Tuzla.

“This is not the first time that we are in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I must say that noticeable progress has been made in transplant medicine, but the challenge now is to make significant progress in the following year or two. It is very important to have at least one live or cadaveric organ donation and transplant surgery per month.” said Prof. Dr. Marti Manyalich.

With a focus on sharing professional knowledge and experience the meeting participants enhanced the importance of cooperation and participation in professional conferences.

At the end of the meeting and on the occasion of March 10, World Kidney Day, a round table was held where experts in the field of transplant medicine presented some proposals, recommendations and conclusions for clinical practice guidelines, and together with representatives of the Federal Ministry of Health discussed the possibilities of improving transplant programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.