Cohlear implant surgeon from Vienna visits Clinical Center Tuzla

Cohlear implant surgeon from Vienna visits Clinical Center Tuzla

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The University professor Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner, ENT specialist for cohlear implant surgery from MedUni/AKH Vienna is in a professional visit to the Clinic for Ear, Nose,Throat and Surgery of the Haed and Neck, University Clinical Center Tuzla. During the visit Prof. Baumgartner will supervise two cochlear implant surgeries.

Prof. Dr. Šekib Umihanić, leader of the team for cohlear implant surgery on the occasion said that the two patients appointed for surgeries have associated congenital malformations, so that the members of our surgical team use an opportunity to improve skills in this complex specialty, and exchange knowledge and experience with colleagues from Turkiyee and Austrie.

Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner explained that the firs surgery was done in a patient with a ceft palate and anomaly of the middle and inner ear, which made this implant surgery quite challenging.

The second case was a little patient with microcephaly with the head much smaller than normal, which also compromised cohlear implantation.

During the stay in Tuzla, Prof. Dr. Baumgartner will also supervise technically demanding surgery in a patient who undergone cohlear implant surgery 12 years ago, but the cohlear implant repositioned due to other surgery, and the patient needs revision surgery.

Prof. Baumgartner told our reporters that the professional staff from the ENT Clinic, University Clinical Center Tuzla is very well trained not only for the ENT surgeries but also for advanced diagnostics, preoperative assessments and hearing rehabilitation. He also said that he hopes and looking forward to continue cooperation and establishing a joint society of the ENT specialists in Austria and BiH which will facilitate cooperation and enable doctors from Clinical Center Tuzla to attend training in Vienna if necessary.