Representatives of Tuzla Canton Government visited Clinical Center Tuzla

Representatives of Tuzla Canton Government visited Clinical Center Tuzla

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On Monday, 18 July, 2022, a delegation of Tuzla Canton Government led by Prime Minister Irfan Halilagić visited the University Clinical Center Tuzla to meet the director Prof. dr. Denijal Tulumović and his closest associates.

In the course of meeting Prof. Tulumović presented our institution’s working strategies and goals, while emphasizing the demand for renewal of medical equipment,  health professional personnel, and health professions education. The purchase of a linear accelerator (linac) was mentioned as a priority.

The Government representatives expressed its willingness to be a reliable partner in the implementation of all projects related to strengthening of the Tuzla Canton health system.

“The Government is committed to support and promote all projects that are of a vital interest for our citizens, primarily by this I mean the stabilization of the delivery of radiotherapy services.” said Prime Minister Irfan Halilagić.

” Through today’s meeting we presented our ongoing and future plans and goals, hoping that your commitment and good cooperation will help us to reach our goals. In cooperation with our founders, the Cantonal and Federal Government, we would like to make additional efforts to ensure the stability and further development of health care services provisions for our citizens. Through continuing education in the health professions we will also work on the development of new clinical procedures.” said the director Tulumović.

Today’s meeting also attended the Minister of Health Dajana Čolić, the director of the Tuzla Canton Health Insurance Denis Husić, and the advisor to the Prime Minister Hasan Fehratović.