The Government set aside more than 20 million KM for health care system improvement

The Government set aside more than 20 million KM for health care system improvement

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Today, at the non-regular session the Government of Tuzla Canton paid close attention to the situation at the University Clinical Center Tuzla, and proposed several models that will significantly improve the current situation, as well as enhance health care service delivery to citizens and patients. Following to that, the Government held a press conference at the University Clinical Center Tuzla. The director of Clinical Center Tuzla Prof. dr. Denijal Tulumović, the Prime Minister of Tuzla Canton Irfan Halilagić, Minister of Health Dajana Čolić, the president of Board of Directors Emir Softić, and medical director Ass. Prof. Igor Hudić were hosts of the press conference.

In view of this, member of the media received information that the Government approved the text of the Agreement that is to be signed between the Government of the Tuzla Canton and the University Clinical Center Tuzla on a co- financing the procurement of medical equipment in a total value of 10 million KM. From this amount of funds the Cantonal Government will allocate 7.750.000,00 KM to the Clinical Center Tuzla. As the beneficiary from its own income, Clinical Center Tuzla will provide the remaining 2.250.000,00 KM. A common goal is to replace medical equipment, which is working beyond its reasonable useful life span, and acquire the new one.

Together with the linear accelerator purchasing project and noting that a diagnostic and therapeutic equipment in the University Clinical Center gets worn out and is not functional for the best- quality health care, the Ministry of finances of the Tuzla Canton will in the process of amending and supplementing the Tuzla Canton budget for the year 2022 allocate 10 million KM to the Ministry of health for purchasing of high-cost medical equipment. The University Clinical Center is required to submit a priority equipment list and to make preparations for procurement process.Today, the Government’s representatives also analyzed the current status update and the need for mutual relations regulation between the co- founders of the University Clinical Center Tuzla.

In addition to the above mentioned, the Government’s representatives being aware of numerous shortcomings that affect the safety of patients, medical and non- medical professionals in a workflow, allocated 150. 000,00 KM for purchasing of new transport elevators, a large one with capacity of 1.600 kg and a small elevator with a capacity of 1.000 kg, for the Clinic for Internal Medicine.

Taking into account of all requests that the representatives of the Health Trade Union made at the meeting with the Working Group, the Government of the Tuzla Canton has obliged the Working Group to identify the circumstances surrounding announcement of an upcoming general strike of the health trade unions on the territory of the Tuzla Canton.