World Heart Day- 29 September, celebrated at Clinical Center Tuzla

World Heart Day- 29 September, celebrated at Clinical Center Tuzla

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On the occasion of September 29- World Heart Day, with aim to raise global awareness of cardiovascular disease and its prevention, health professionals from the Clinic for Internal Medicine, University Clinical Center Tuzla organized various activities and campaign of measuring blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels free of charge as well as sharing education material for our citizens.

This year as a part of celebration of the day, the Clinic for Internal Medicine together with the Clinic for Invasive Cardiology hosted a press conference to draw people’s attention to the cardiovascular diseases.

At a press conference, head of the Clinic for Internal Medicine Ass. Prof. Mirsad Selimović, M.D., said that atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases remains the leading cause of premature mortality both in our country and around the world, and they occur equally in men and women. Out of total death outcomes that happen before the age of 75, cardiovascular diseases are the cause of death in 42% of male population and 38% in female population, which clearly makes them the leading cause of mortality and morbidity. “Our mission in the coming period is to satisfy every patient by delivering quality health servies as the best solution for their health problem, and it is our vision to provide best clinical practices in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.” said Dr. Selimović.

In speaking to the press Ass. Prof. Mugdim Bajrić, M.D., head of the Clinic for Invasive Cardiology said that the University Clinical Center Tuzla has modern equipment and educated staff required for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. He also said that costs of treatment of cardiovascular diseases are high, but prevention is not, so it is very important to raise awareness of prevention, more frequent health checks and physical activity to reduce mortality caused by cardiovascular diseases.

This year the World Heart Federation celebrates World Heart Day under the slogan “Use your heart” for yourself, humanity, nature, for healthy diet, physical activity, quit smoking to beat cardiovascular diseases.