The 12th ENT School

The 12th ENT School

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The 12th ENT School organized by the Clinic for Ear, Throat, Nos, Surgery of the Neck and Head, University Clinical Center Tuzla was held on Saturday 5 November, 2022.

The main theme of this year’s ENT School was rhinosinus surgery.

The invited lecturers on this important medical event from the field were Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Perić from Belgrade, Ass. Prof. Elvir Zvrko from Podgorica, Ass. Prof. Aleksandra Aleksić from Banja Luka, Ass. Prof. Alija Gežo from Sarajevo, Prof. Dr. Fuad Brkić and Prof. Dr. Svjetlana Mujagić from Tuzla.

The president of the organizing committee of the ENT School and head of the ENT Clinic Prof. Dr. Šekib Umihanić on the occasion said that this year the ENT Clinic marked 20 years since the surgery of the paranasal sinuses using a method functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FEES) had been performed. The advantage of this method is reflected in minimally invasive surgery in the region of the paranasal sinuses and significantly shortened hospital staying. For a long time functional endoscopic sinus surgery is considered to be golden standard method in rhinosinus surgery due to its great benefits compared to classic sinus surgery.

“Last year our highly trained doctors performed a thousandth surgery using this method and that also speaks for very good experience and satisfaction of our patients. At our Clinic we perform surgery on patients from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are committed to establish a referral center of functional endoscopic sinus surgery in a near future.” said Prof. Umihanić.