Symposium for a healthy present and future

Symposium for a healthy present and future

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Symposium for a Healthy Present and Future that was organized by the Diabetes and Heart Association of the Tuzla Canton took place in Kladanj in the period 11th – 13th November, 2022. The goal of the symposium was to introduce doctors from the Tuzla Canton with a new the European Society of Cardiology Guidelines on diabetes, prediabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Ass. Prof. Mirsad Selimović, head of the Clinic for Internal Medicine and the president of the Diabetes and Heart Association on the occasion said that the new guidelines propose a new approach in the treatment of patients suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. ” During the symposium we had the opportunity to exchange clinical experience and knowledge with aim to improve the health of the Tuzla Canton citizens.” said Dr. Selimović and highlighted the role of the University Clinical Center Tuzla in organizing the symposium.

The director of the University Clinical Center Tuzla Prof. Dr. Denijal Tulumović delivered the welcome speech and expressed his satisfaction with the organization of this medical event. ” These types of gatherings for medical education are of great importance for doctors because they offer the acquisition of new knowledge and new treatment strategies in the field of diabetology and cardiology. It is especially important for young colleagues, because the University Clinical Center Tuzla strategic framework is medical education and training of health care staff, all with the aim of providing the best health care services for the community.

The general sponsor of the symposium was the Government of the Tuzla Canton and the Ministry of Health. Health Minister Dajana Čolić in her speech expressed her enthusiasm for seeing more and more professional medical gatherings happening after COVID-19 pandemic. “This symposium is included in the category of special importance for the Tuzla Canton” she said.

Acknowledgments for the contribution in organizing and supporting the symposium were presented to the Ministry of Health of the Tuzla Canton, the University Clinical Center Tuzla, Medical Chamber of the Tuzla Canton, Municipality of Kladanj, the owner of the hotel Muška voda, as well as the media sponsor Radio- Television of Tuzla Canton.