World Prematurity Day- November 17, 2022 celebrated in Tuzla

World Prematurity Day- November 17, 2022 celebrated in Tuzla

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The Clinic for Children’s Diseases, University Clinical Center Tuzla and Student Council of Medical faculty Tuzla ” MEDICUS” have traditionally joined the celebration of the day and organized Prematurity Day awareness activities.

On this occasion, the employees of the Clinic for Children’s Diseases released a dozens of purple balloons in the air and sent a symbolic message that every preterm baby has a good survival chance with good care in the hospital and at home.

According to the World Health Organization, every year 15 million babies are born preterm. The purple color that is the symbol of World Prematurity Day stands for sensitivity and exceptionality.

The aim of World Prematurity Day is to raise awareness of the challenges and burden of preterm birth globally. Premature birth is the leading cause of neonatal death in developed and developing countries.

The president of the Association of Pediatricians of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prof. Dr. Fahrija Skokić said that this year’s the World Prematurity Day motto is “A Parent’s embrace: a powerful therapy. Enable skin-to-skin contact from the moment of birth.“ and that is exactly what is being applied in practice, that mother and babies are not separated, and that together with health professionals contribute to improving the quality of life of premature babies and their parents.