Clinical Center Tuzla in the process of (re)accreditation

Clinical Center Tuzla in the process of (re)accreditation

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For the purpose of (re) accreditation process the team of external evaluators of the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Accreditation in the FB&H (AKAZ) performed the first evaluation of six clinics of the University Clinical Center Tuzla, in the period 19- 20 December 2022.

An external evaluation is conducted at the Clinic for Internal Medicine, the Clinic for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery, the Clinic for Urology, the Clinic for Ear, Throat and Nose, Head and Neck Surgery, and the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics.

The delegation assigned to conduct external evaluation process was consisted of Almir Kovačević, Maida Fišeković, Umihana Sahačić i Mirela Jukić.

According to the team leader Almir Kovačević, the University Clinical Center Tuzla is the first hospital in the Federation B&H that entered this demanding process and completely fulfilled the highest AKAZ quality requirements. ” Clinical Center Tuzla has once again proved as an example when it comes to the percentage of fulfilled quality requirements and established standards.” he said.

Director of the University Clinical Center Tuzla Prof. Dr. Denijal Tulumović thanked the external evaluators who showed objectivity and professional integrity during the quality control review of the mentioned clinics. Director also thanked to all the employees for an ongoing commitment that led to positive results. “I would like to express a sincere appreciation I feel for our employees for they hard and demanding everyday work. That’s why I congratulated them from the bottom of my heart for demonstrated effort and the selfless commitment so that our Institution could successfully go through the accreditation process.” said director Tulumović.