4D Echocardiography at Clinical Center Tuzla

4D Echocardiography at Clinical Center Tuzla

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The Clinic for Internal Medicine, University Clinical Center Tuzla is equipped with a 4D ultrasound machine to help patients with heart disease. It is an advanced ultrasound machine for a non- invasive test that creates images of the heart.

Dr. Elnur Smajić, MSc., head of the Department for Cardiology explained that the new 4D echo uses advanced imaging technology to create high- resolution images of the entire heart, with a data transfer rate that is 16 times faster than in the 2D echo devices.

“The 4D echo of the heart allows the clinician to evaluate the heart from just one beat, regardless of the regularity of the heart rhythm. This technology allows physicians to see structures and blood flow in live motion inside the heart, which is a major improvement over the previous standard 2D images.

The 4D echo imaging system provides detailed information and views captured from inside of the heart, especially in aras of the heart which are more difficult to see with transesophageal 2D and 3D echo. Also, in the post- processing of the image, the recordings can be evaluated in detail through the 4D capabilities. ” said Dr. Smajić.

By acquiring novel and expensive technologies the University Clinical Center Tuzla is trying to stand out and remain in the forefront of providing quality health care for our population.