Clinic for Children’s Diseases received pediatric ventilation device

Clinic for Children’s Diseases received pediatric ventilation device

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Today, the Clinic for Children’s diseases received a valuable donation.

The fundraising campaign ” Each jersey has its own story” launched at the initiative of philanthropist Sead Mulić collected 49.275 BAM for the purchase of an invasive pediatric mechanical ventilation device.

The campaign was promoted and supported by the Tuzla Community Foundation and USAID Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than a hundred individuals and companies participated through the auction of sports jerseys and the online platform, and donated over 52.000 BAM.

The price of the purchased device was 49.725 BAM, and the rest of the collected donation will be directed to the purchase of other much-needed medical equipment.

On the occasion, head of the Clinic for Children’s Diseases Ass. Prof. Lejla Osmančević said that

this donation is meant to provide better and more quality clinical care of our small patients.

“Medicine is progressing and a lot of premature babies are being born. A few days ago we had four pairs of twins, and we had to borrow mechanical ventilation devices from other clinics. With this model of device, we can ventilate both newborns and older children. This donation is not only important for Tuzla and the Tuzla Canton, but it is important for the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, because children from Zvornik, Brčko District and Odžak also come to our hospital”, said Dr. Lejla Osmančević.

Last year in October, a passionate soccer jersey collector Sead Mulić, who for over two decades has been collecting the jerseys worn by famous soccer players, decided to put his rich collection of over a hundred jerseys to the fundraising auction.

I realized that something that is my passion, but still only a hobby, can save someone’s life. I am overjoyed that we succeeded and that we gave the little patients, as well as their parents, additional hope for a cure. I am also glad that we have shown that when we are in solidarity and when we unite we can solve problems, that we can do great things when we donate from the heart and I hope that this will motivate other good-hearted people, philanthropists, to do as much as they can and help people in their communities” said Mulić while thanking all the donors and the Foundation.