25th Anniversary of Cardiovascular Surgery at Clinical Center Tuzla

25th Anniversary of Cardiovascular Surgery at Clinical Center Tuzla

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The first open- heart cardiovascular surgery in Bosnia and Herzegovina was performed at the University Clinical Center Tuzla. Owing to the collaboration of health institutions from Buffalo, the USA, Prof. Dr. Jacob Bergsland and the then management of the University Clinical Center Tuzla the project of cardiovascular surgery program development started in our country. Extensive health professionals training and the acquisition of medical equipment preceded the opening of the Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases at the University Clinical Center Tuzla.

From the first surgery until today, 9033 cardio surgical procedures have been performed in this health institution. On an annual basis, the number of surgeries is continuously growing. Today, this data amounts to about 400 surgeries on the heart and large blood vessels.

Professional expertise of the staff gained through continuously training during the war years in the USA and European health centers enables performing the most demanding surgeries and diagnostic methods at Clinical Center Tuzla that slowly became an influential healthcare leader in our country.

During the calendar year, more than 1.000 cardiovascular patients have been hospitalized in the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery, University Clinical Center Tuzla, and more than 9.500 patients have been examined in the outpatient clinic.

We are recognized for surgical treatment of the heart: the Bental procedure, bypass surgery, heart valve surgeries, ventricular and atrial septal defects, surgeries of traumatic injuries of the thoracic aorta, surgery in circulatory arrest in hypotermia, and vascular elective and urgent surgeries. We often provide our services for patients from other cantons, which confirms our leadership in the field of cardiovascular surgery.

Yesterday, on September 13, 2023, the surgical teams of the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery and the Clinic for Urology jointly performed living related kidney transplant surgery. The multidisciplinary team of health professionals of the Clinic for Anesthesiology and Reanimation, the Nephrology Department of the Clinic for Internal Diseases, the Clinic for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, the Polyclinic for Laboratory Diagnostics, the Polyclinic for Transfusion, and the Hospital Pharmacy participated in performing the surgery.