Endoclip therapy in the gastroinetstinal tract

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The endoscopic hemoclip method in interventional gastrointenstinal endoscopy is routinely used for managing bleeding, mostly from the proximal part of gastrointestinal tract.
On Thursday, 16 June 2016, a team of doctors from University Clinical Center Tuzla for the first time performed interventional endoclipping method after colonic polypectomy.
“Thanks to the purchase of rotatable clips, which can be rotated around its longitudinal axis, we had a chance to use endoclipping method to manage bleeding in a patient with postpolypectomy bleeding. “We caught two broken parts of the mucous membrane with two clips and firmly connected the edges of it, so we fully closed the defect which occurred after polyps removal without any surgical intervention.” said Prof. Dr.Ervin Alibegović, a head of the Department for Gastroenterology, Clinic for Internal Medicine.
The future of endoclipping method in gastrointenstinal interventional endoscopy is not only the treatment of bleeding, but also its application in non-operative gastrointenstinal perforation treatment and management.
The application of new and improvement of interventional endoscopy services will reduce the number of conventional surgical procedures and the overall cost of treatment.