60th  Abdominal Ultrasound School

60th Abdominal Ultrasound School

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The jubilar 60th Abdominal Ultrasound School was closed by awarding certificates to the participants.

The University Clinical Center Tuzla and the Tuzla Canton Medical Chamber hosted of this year’s Abdominal Ultrasound School.

The program of ultrasound school is designed to modernize and improve ultrasonography through quality education for doctors. The education process is gradual and systematic and adapted to the participants’ knowledge level.

The leader of ultrasound training is Prof. Dr. Senaid Trnačević, specialist in internal medicine and sub- specialist in nephrology. The lecturers are eminent doctors with experience in the field of diagnostic medical sonography.

“Ten participants of this year’s ultrasound school came from different health care facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They entered the sonography field through the theoretical program to gain knowledge for clinical practice and become independent sonographers.” said Prof. Trnačević.