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The new Tuzla Canton Minister of Health Bahrudin Hadžiefendić paid an official visit to University Clinical Center of Tuzla today. This is the first visit of Minister Hadžiefendić to the University Clinical Center Tuzla after his appointment as Health Minister. During the meeting, the UKC Tuzla director Ass. Prof. Nešad Hotić presented the current activities, annual goals and long-term plans and projects related to the development of the health system and the quality of health care services to end users.

Minister Hadžiefendić expressed his satisfaction over the activities of the UKC Tuzla, and pointed out that the Tuzla Canton Ministry of Health has recognized Clinical Center Tuzla as a good partner   in the process of healthcare improvement. “ I believe that with an effective teamwork we can improve health care delivery system in the Tuzla Canton area, with a special emphasis to Clinical Center Tuzla. The Ministry of Health together with the Goverment will intensively work on employements opportunities for health care professionals to prevent them from leaving the country”, said Minister and added that he will personally make an effort to create a positive teamwork environment and elevate a culture of dignity and respect for the doctor’s and nursing practice. Although this visit was announced as a protocolar, Health Minister and the UKC Tuzla director spoke about the goals, tasks and deadlines that will be evaluted during the next four to six months in the University Clinical Center Tuzla.